99BOTTLZ : Your Guide to the Wonderful World of Wine





99BOTTLZ : Your Guide to the Wonderful World of Wine

This Blog is a Work in Progress and I plan to finish this Section soon. In the meantime please look around the site and if you have any questions please leave a comment.

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My name is Matthew Rinkerman CEO (Chief Education Officer) of 99BOTTLZ. I started to write 99BOTTLZ as a form of therapy after a major health issue forced me away from retail. So after a thirty-year career that spanned working harvest in the Finger Lakes (upstate New York )and Mendocino County (California). Then wine brokerage, which led to a job in New York wholesale. What an Education that was!!!. That led to the retail side of the business. I started out as the “Wine Guy” head stockman for the wine department at Shoppers Discount Liquors in Clifton, New Jersey. 


Let me share several stories how 


A customer came in looking for a Sauternes, (which is one of the best dessert wines in the world).  So I led her to the store’s French section. I showed her a bottle and she was shocked at the price!!! I never paid $15.00  So I went to the owner to ask, do we have any cheaper Sauternes? Yes, we do from New York. Huh. Wineries in California and New York for decades produced “Generic” wines named after their old-world locations. The customer wanted to make fondue, which called for Sauterne as an ingredient. Taylors New York Sauterne for $3.99!!!   


Many older cookbooks have recipes that include wine as ingredients. These recipes were written when the Europen wines were inexpensive. Today those wines are much more expensive. Now not all wines are expensive. This one has been a Favorite of mine for about 20 Years.  

Chateau Doisy-Vedrines


The most recent vintage 2020 equals or surpasses some of the better known producers and at $40.00 (Futures Pricing for a 750ML or $22.00 for a 375 ML (Half Bottle)